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Hereby, it informs all enthusiasts in the field of building information modeling in the areas of project management, architecture, electricity, civil engineering and mechanics:

The first International Conference on Building Information Modelling (BIM) would be held in February of 2017 with a large effort of top university professors and accompanying Managers of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Engineering Organization, the Iran Project Management Association, City Council of Tehran and etc. The conference is aimed at disseminating and developing BIM knowledge and applications. All experts and researchers are invited to submit their scientific or experimental achievements in the form of a paper, up to January 15th, at the conference. Please click here to find out the format of the articles.

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The first meeting of the Policy Council of the first international conference of building information modeling conference (BIM) was held on September 5th at the Petroleum Engineering Institute of Engineering Faculty of Tehran University. During the meeting, with the participation of the members of the Conference Policy Council, the general policy of the conference and its axes were discussed. At the beginning of the session, Dr. Mojtaba Azizi described the generalities of the conference and the most important activities to the members of the council. Then Dr. Iqbal Shakeri, as secretary of the conference, expressed the importance of BIM and the necessity of using all the capacities of the Governmental and private sectors at the conference to improve BIM's position in competent organizations. The members of the council expressed their views to hold the conference as good as possible, also the supports of their universities and organizations.

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Spiritual support of Iran Project Management Association from the first International Conference of Building Information Modeling Conference (BIM)

According to the secretariat of the conference, the Project Management Association of Iran joined the spiritual sponsors of the first International Conference of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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To facilitate and increase the speed of the transmission of the news of the conference, the telegram channel of conference was launched. Click on Telegram logo below to log on.


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The First International Conference on Building Information Modeling (BIM) - Iran

The conference is the first comprehensive international conference on the concept of "Building Information Modeling" (BIM), which has begun with the planning of the BIM MEHRGAN D&B Group and with the valuable collaboration and cooperation of many industry and university experts in this field. The BIM approach is a relatively new concept in the design, construction and management of building projects that have been used in many first world countries. Construction laws in some of these countries have been refined by specific contracts that don’t allow construction without the use of this method, and the use of BIM is compulsory.

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    Axes of conference


    The role of the technical and executive system and organizations in relation to BIM

    Strategic Planning

    Changes in the Construction Industry with BIM Application

    Knowledge Management

    Construction Management

    Surveying and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    Project Planning and Control

    Urban Planning and Accessibility

    Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

    Information Governance

    Modern Engineering and Construction Technologies

    Simulation and Virtual Reality

    Managing the Operation and Maintenance of the Building

    Integrated Design and Collaboration of Various Business Disciplines

    Smart Building

    Implement BIM in Construction Companies

    Photogrammetry and Laser Scanners

    Contracts and Contract Law

    Destruction and Recycling

    Constructability and Pre-Fabrication

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